Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have had a busy weekend here in Red Bluff- or at least Philip had. He started building a chicken house in the backyard for the chickens we hope to get in the new year.

Then he made homemade pasta with the new pasta maker. It turned out really well despite a few initial speed bumps!
This morning when I woke up there were sticky buns going into the oven for breakfast (this was a birthday special!).

After our spectacular breakfast of sticky buns and coffee we explored a small wilderness area in the southwest corner of Shasta County called the Chanchelulla Wilderness. It was very scenic although quite cold and windy at the peak. -Rachel


Cyndy said...

We made cinnamon buns too! Paul says they were in honor of your birthday :)

Radar said...

Wow! Great! If they were anything like Philip's you must have had a good day too!