Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 Cyndy eating Mosport burger and Poutine.  Both terrible.

Cyndy eating pulled pork from Horn Dawgs BBQ.  Very good.

Cyndy getting a slush from an ice cream truck, there was one stationary in the paddock and another roaming the grounds.

Pat Long delivering lunch to Joerg Bergmeister.

Canadian Touring Car team with the entire front end of a Honda.  

Cyndy heading down the Mario Andretti straight, the track is just on the other side of the bushes above her head.

Still going.

Me filming some GT3 Cup cars from the straight.

Still going along the straight.

Moss Corner leading onto the Mario Andretti Straight.

 Pass for the lead red car out braked itself into the corner, pink car is a back marker.  This was a 45 minute race with no safety car.

Front straight.

Turn 8 at the end of Mario Andretti straight.


Cyndy ready for GT qualifying.

Very fast.

Looking up at Moss Corner.

 Exit of Moss Corner

Battle for P2 lead.  They were like this a lot.

Some GT cars.

Muscle Milk HPD through the trees on Mario Andretti Straight.

More Mario Andretti straight.

Eventual winner doing well in post race tech inspection.

 Provisional winner on its way to a sad post race tech inspection.

Mazdar MX-5 Cup.


Some crazy Canadian Touring Car.

B-spec Canadian Touring Car.  The difference between the Super class and the B-Spec class was seemed about the same as P1 to GTC.

Some Super class sideways.

 The roaming ice cream trucks was doing some serious roaming, emerging from deep in the woods inside the track.

Cyndy on Lake Ontario from Toronto on Monday.

Cyndy on Lake Ontario from Sackets Harbor on Monday.

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