Monday, July 01, 2013


Going to Ocracoke

At Ocracoke

Hunting in front of the house





Jon and Oliver hunting in the refrigerator

Noah's first attempt at a sunset, he was not satisfied

Oliver in the kayak

Noah in a live oak

At the Springer Point beach looking at the house

Mother on the porch with watermelon

Father on the porch

Dan Clarke driving Chris' pink golf cart

Ghost crab with fish

Translucent ghost crab

Ferry with garbage

Cyndy, Cameron, Oliver and Jon in front of the house

Launching the kayaks into the wind

Me and Cyndy in kayaks, thanks to Oliver


Mother and Father looking at the house

 Mother and Father on a walk

Bun Bun was a stowaway after getting in our emergency bag during the tornado warning and then the bag came with us.  In a live oak at Springer Point (Blackbeard's forest)

Leaving Ocracoke

 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
Watch the road, geez

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