Sunday, January 26, 2014

Daytona 24 Picks - Results

Points listed as difference between actual result and pick, lowest score wins.  Results added to chart in previous post.

NameRace ResultPost Race Adjustment*Correct Picks

*10000 points added for each entry that did not pick Hendrick Motorsports as the the winner of the GTD class.  Post race analysis by the stewards showed that the entire class was sandbagging and the 555 did not hold the 45 car's hand while going through the kink.  The entire class was given a retroactive stop +24 hour and 1 second penalty. The post race adjustment gave the #24 Hendrick Motorsports Oldsmobile Bravada the win after it received a retroactive entry to the race and was exempt from the penalty as it did not sandbag and was very friendly to all of the competitors.

** The Koni challenge results were not tabulated as the entire field was disqualified for a variety of unspecified reasons.


Anonymous said...

Are these points going to be accumulated throughout the EUSEC (Eastern U.S. Endurance Championship)?

Paul said...

Sure, anyone who didn't participate in the last race will receive the maximum points, 10063. A different point system may be applied to future races.