Sunday, March 16, 2014

Here are the results of the Sebring Round of the Brownsey Camp Endurance Championship Car Picking Thing Presented by Andrew Cuomo's Weird Tug Hill Snowmobiling Tourism Ad (that didn't air until mid March).  Race result is the cumulative difference form position in class from winner for each class (low score good).

NameRace ResultCorrect PicksPost Race Adjustment*BCECCPTPbACWTHSTA (tdaumM) After Round 2

* Joel's scored half points for actually attending the race and sleeping in the back of his monster truck
*Philip's picks were each given a stop and hold +80 seconds for insulting the series technical directer on twitter
*Noah had to start from the pitlane for not having his picks in before qualifying
*Cyndy received an air restricter decrease of 0.8mm for the last 2 hours for making me go to a play and missing the last 2 hours of the race
*Peter scored maximum points for not selecting picks.  I bet a bunch of team owners wished they had done the same after the race today


Cyndy said...

I'm not worried, IMSA will change their minds in a few hours and revoke my penalty.

Dad said...

Is it too late to post my picks? I had to watch the race first and talk to Joel.

Donnie said...

What we really want to know...did Paul wear his new shoes?

Anonymous said...

#22 Alex Job Racing should feel lucky they didn't get an additional penalty for having unauthorized Michelin stickers on the car.

Magic 8 Ball says that Cyndy's penalty won't be revoked.

Anonymous said...
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