Friday, October 17, 2014

6 hrs Fuji

At the 4:30:15 mark (race time) of the FIA WEC 6 hours of Fuji, John Hindhaugh references an observation made by a sports car racing "expert"(?).


Joel said...

when was that tweeted in relation to the race broadcast? I think Webber is part of the equation too.

Anonymous said...

The race clock read 4:30:12 to go when Hindhaugh mentioned it, the lockup occurred at 4:30:30. I sent the message at 8:22 pm Pacific, between the above two times. It makes sense that they are likely to either read something right away or not at all during the broadcast.

I think the issue highlights that LMP1-H is a very difficult car to drive. Webber may also be a common factor, but I might have to re-watch the entire FIA WEC season to say for sure. It was fun to hear Andre Lotterer admit that he forgot about the fuel consumption limit on the first lap.

Anonymous said...

complete timeline, Patrick Paloney tweeted a comment about the Porsche after it happened and I replied to his tweet, and then Hindy read it on air, all within 18 seconds. I am guessing then does not run a 7 second delay on their stream.