Saturday, May 16, 2015


We went clamming with some friends in Bodega Bay last weekend. The spot is known for horseneck clams, which can be 3 to 6+ inches across and have a very long siphon (neck). Clamming involves finding a hole, or even the end of the siphon sticking above the mud and then lots of digging: 

Ooh! Silas sees one!

Sometimes they are very deep. Then you send in some people with long arms. You have to be careful not to break there shell when trying to pull them out.

I've got one! or maybe it is a clump of mud.

Ashley (whom we were visiting) and Rachel used to do this when they were little and now there kids have had a chance. I realize that I didn't actually take a picture of a clam, but we got three good ones (the daily limit is 10, including any broken ones) which I plan on making into a pasta sauce tonight.

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