Monday, April 25, 2016

Blue Mountain Park Peekskill, NY

I did a mountain bike race on Sunday in Peekskill, NY (birthplace of Paul Reubens). I entered in the beginner (cat3) class for men 40-49. I finished 10th of 17 riders. It was the most difficult mountain bike trails I have ever riden. Course length for me was about 6.5 miles. Saw a couple of people taken out by ambulance. Many flat tires and other mechanical carnage. Lots of steep climbs and rocks and more rocks, then some more rocks. I had no falls and no mechanical issues. Which means I probably wasn't trying hard enough. Overall a nice day hanging out with the "team" and great weather. The "team" had 2 overall winners in the top classes (cat1). The race had competitors from all over the northeast and paid cash prizes for the top classes.

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