Monday, December 05, 2016

25 Hours

We ended up with a DNF. The other (slower) car (#38) that I also helped with (the third Miata (#50) was in the E1 class because it had a 200 hp engine) on our team in the E3 class won the award for having the slowest fastest lap of any car in the race. The #38 had all less experienced/slower drivers and less horsepower and slower routine pitstops than the #40 but ended up winning the class by not having problems (and fewer tire changes due to slower speeds).

The craziest thing I saw was the #57 Ginetta LMP3 (that led most of the race?) coming down pit lane with an hour to go with the left front tire in the air and the right rear corner of the car missing with a trail of sparks coming out the back. This car did finish, however.

I had a lot of fun and the weather was better than I could have hoped for (dry, no fog, 60+ during the day and high 30s at night).

First stop and driver change.

Rebuilding the front left corner after CJ Wilson spun in front of the #40. (CJ's car didn't return to the race). The #40 got back to within a lap of the leader (our #38) before pitting to correct a skip and then throwing a rod.

These guys were apparently done for the night (see bottles on their hood).

The Fantasy Junction/Winding Road DP with frantic work going on.

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Vaquero said...

Emily (crew chief for the #38 and went from having no crew chief experience to a 100% win record) set up this facebook page for photos of the race:

I forgot to mention that the #40 had a subframe crack repaired the day before the race.