Sunday, April 02, 2017


What time is it?

Cyndy's favorite old sports car driver

Cyndy's favorite racecar designer, Billlll Rileyyy!

Daytona attracts the best teams from South Florida

Promised Pizza at Grassroots Motorsport only for Mona to discover they are out.

Then, Pizza!

Go time


ChumpCar, where your wildest and most disturbing dreams can become reality.

Action, West Horseshoe, Turn 6, and Nascar 2

International Horseshoe

Gigante and El Gallo, the best over the wall crew in the business.  Changing flat-spotted tire.

Last lap

Another 14 hours from Falkenstein.  Twenty-sixth of 125 starters and first of seven 944s.

Full of Florida

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Donnie said...

Just home from dinner at Marian and Joe's house with Terry and Diane. Fun times and it looks like you had fun too.