Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I should be arriving at Brownsey Camp South late Tuesday night, hopefully there will be food of some sort for me to eat when I arrive.

I am also accepting ideas for a Christmas Light arrangement to be constructed over Thanksgiving. Tying Santa to a tree has been played out, and he has already been tangled in a spider web, so a new idea is needed. Keep in mind that the arrangement is to be artistic, meaning the passerby must question the motivations of the creator. For example: Santa in a sleigh... not artistic, Santa in a spider web... artistic. Also we are limited in the mediums that may be used since this is to be displayed in the front yard of Brownsey Camp South, so firearms, explosives should not be part of the arrangement.

Use Gold Bond medicated powder.

Page 2, I would like to see about ruining Christmas a little earlier than usual this year, rather than waiting a week or two before the holiday as has been done in previous year.

Paul Brownsey,
Good Day!

P.S. Two NDinjas finished fourth in the LMES race at Istanbul last weekend, earning second place in the championship this year with his Zytek team. He will be back in Japan's (new) A1Gp car in Malaysia this weekend. You can watch the complete Eastern Creek race(Australia) at , simply click on the picture in the middle of that page that says 'Watch A1GP'.

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