Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I talked to my Father last night- he was a little groggy, but the surgery went well.

Now, we need a report from Chris on his re-election results.

The wine dinner was a great success. Joel suggested posting the menu, but she didn't do a written one this year. After appetizers (swordfish bites on picks, little chicken bites, skanakopitas, deviled eggs, cheese, something else) we had:

Crab and shrimp cake with wasabi sauce
Salman encrusted with pecans and maple sauce and broccoli
Green salad
Breast of duck with berry sauce and green beans
Poached pear and something chocolate

and wine

Bob, the engineer counted 44 guests. Nancy and Diane were there. Everyone had a great time.

Joel is on his way to Florida.

George Klapp is taking down the race car wallpaper.


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