Monday, May 15, 2006

Went to Thai Food tonight and took a picture of the Taco Bell on the way there. Note that Cusine from Afghanistan is next door. Cusine from Afghanistan does have the picture of National Geographic girl framed on the wall. Also, next to Thai Food is the "Grand Prix Cafe," which I saw just recently opened, I figured it was just a stupid Cambridge expensive coffee place, but it turns out that it has a flat screen TV, that did have the Moto GP race on Speed Channel playing. Cyndy and I plan to make a desent on the cafe next sunday for the Champ Car race from Montterrey. As an added note, the Champ Car race at Houston was good. It had passing on a street course and Jon Beekhuis. However, the Atlantics race suffered because of the addition of the first chicane.

As you can see from the picture it had been raining and will keep raining here. Please look at the links to other blobs I have added to the sidebar.


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P.S. Worst episode of the Office ever.