Sunday, May 21, 2006

Woke up, watched some Team Dyson embarassment sponsored by the American LeMans Series.

Then went to the grand prix cafe to watch the champ car race of Monterrey Mexico. We had a nice turkey and swiss panini with a rabbit food salad on the side. The sign next to the television said that you can ask if you want to view a sporting event on television, "Note, however, that motorsports events always take precident." So that was good.

Then we went home and I followed the "Bump Day" embarassment sponsored by the Indy Racing League, AJ Foyt, and Rothy Mart.

Cyndy and I are going to camp this weekend. We will be leaving from Oxford on Friday morning. I reserve the right to buy and print tickets online for Lime Rock on Monday, but with only 16 cars for the GT race, and the ST race being held on Saturday, it doesn't look like a great ticket.

I got the mail from Mom and Dad.

We found a bookstore for Mom and Dad to go to.

Two Ndinjas will be in action next weekend.

It's still raining here.


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Brownsey Family said...

You are going to need ketchup.