Monday, July 30, 2007

Oliver and I went to Lebanon Valley sunday for the drag races. The car count was very low. Not sure what is going on there. It was still fun as I hadn't been there in some time. There were two Civics running low 10's. Also a female driver in an EVO 8 running low 16's, not sure if she had driven a standard before. Also a 350Z that ran a 12.11 with a very slow start. He had to be making HUGE HP. I think he came off the line easy and used a big shot of nitrous. That was the extent of "modern" cars though. mostly Novas and Camaros.
I did not see all of the Champ Car race. From what I saw in the first half I cannot figure out how Doornbos was in a position to win.
The Truck and Busch races at IRP (now ORP) were both very good. Tim McCreadie finished 12th in the Childress 31 Camping World car.


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Joel said...

Doornbos got a bump start and pitted on the first lap to replace his front wing and get fuel, therefore he stayed out several laps longer than the rest and made up a lot of time running alone at the front. This slotted him into third after the first round of pit stops, then after the final pit/yellow, he was faster and passed both cars ahead of him and drove away from the field.
I liked how the announcers kept quoting Seabass' crew chief who stated you can't pass on this track. What he meant was Seabass couldn't pass.