Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today I took part in the annual Adirondack Loon census between 8:00a.m.-9:00a.m. on Stillwater Reservoir. With the help of others we counted 16 adult Loons and no chicks. There were at least 4 chicks, 2 weeks ago. While counting Loons we saw 3 mature American Bald Eagles. One of the eagles would perch in a tree on the shore and then fly low over the water. I think the eagles killed the Loon chicks.

This afternoon we went to the Lewis County Fair with Paul and Cyndy (yes, Noah we missed you and your family). We had a final "Smokey Bones" meal and told him to enjoy his retirement, even though we will miss this high point of the fair. Donnie and I had the classic pulled pork sandwich and Cyndy had chicken- Paul had a "smokey pie", pulled pork on nachos with barbecue sauce and sour cream. He is going to be looking for Noah to recreate this. We bought a jar of his sauce. We also bought bok choy at the farmers market. Cooking suggestions? I rested before and after the fair. It was a busy day.

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