Sunday, March 09, 2008

I thought Robin kept telling us the merger was going to fix everything?
So many races and jobs lost, just so the IRL can get 6 more cars.

The real winner is ALMS.

Sports Car Analytics has a nice summary of all of the ALMS and LMS entries (they ranked them based on expected performance).

Eco Racing will be running in ALMS this year. They hope to get a 50/50 blend of the spec Shell diesel and jatropha-based bio diesel by the end of the season(the fuel needs to be approved by ALMS and made available to all competitors). They are running a Radical SR10 with an AER Volkswagon V12. The body work is made out of biodegradable hemp fiber. It will also have solar panels to run some of the parasitics. It is also painted with water based paint. The rainbows are also environmentally friendly because they are pretty. I know I'll feel better about myself watching the car on Saturday.

Speed will have 11 hours of coverage of Sebring.

F1 next weekend too.

We didn't lose power, but it was windy and the lights flickered.


Noah said...

I liked the power rankings. They were pretty rough on the new GT2 teams. .Robertson. Petersen White lightning gone?

Paul said...

PWL announced in January that they were done. I don't understand why they ranked the Cytosport car so high.