Monday, March 24, 2008

More than just repaving at Lime Rock?

Wilson Motorsports is outfit that did Miller Motorsports Park and Barber. The improvements to the uphill and the new pit entrance seem okay, but I don't know about the end of the esses or west bend. There has been no mention about what if any changes will actually be made when the track is paved in June.

Newman Hass, KV, HVM, Conquest, Coyne, and Roth at Homestead today.

Robot sweeper

Glitter eggs

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Joel said...

I think it might work out well if they go with the new layout but leave the old layout so that it can be run in both configurations. The current set up is good for vintage cars, sweeping corners with no heaving breaking... all 3rd and 4th gear, so adding some 2nd gear tight passing turns would be nice. The pit entrance looks bad though, too much action going on for people to exit off the track smoothly. The exit should be right where the bridge is.