Sunday, February 08, 2009

North Turner Maine: A trailer distributor has a side accessory business with great deals on Snowmobile helmets in particular. The museum is basically a warehouse of snowmobiles behind the store. Over half was too dark to take pictures. Most of the sleds were not restored.

There were at least 20 Artic Cats but only one Ski Whiz:

Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner: Jonathan never slowed down for a picture. Megan loved the beach themed DJ. Megan and I did the chicken dance (no picture), the pirate Macarena, and the limbo. 4 years of dance makes a differene; Megan dances better than the cub scouts and her Dad.

Trying out new helmet:


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Noah said...

I guess I'll have to go there sometime. Looks nice. Do you have plans for Jonathan's old helmet? Oliver will need a bigger one next year.