Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Thursday Paul and I saw an owl in our yard. It was about dusk and I saw some movement outside the bathroom window, and when I looked outside an owl was jumping/flying off the picnic table. He sat on the ground and looked and me, and when I called to Paul to come look, he told me I had to be wrong and there could not possibly be an owl. He was pretty surprised when he looked outside :)
We tried to get a photo for the blog, but the owl flew on top of the shed and then flew away, so we weren't able to photograph it. Sorry!
In other news...Paul participates in a game on where he and about 2ooo some odd people try to guess who will win all of the races in a given week. This month, he was the number 2 person, and Dave Despain on the Windtunnel show announced and showed his user name on tv!!! It got even funnier, because Paul competes under the name Ferrarikiller, and right after announcing his name, Dave talked about next months prizes for the number 1 person....a model ferrari car :) Paul was a little sad, because only the number one person gets a prize, but he was only 7 points below the winner, and that was only because Kyle Busch was hit in the Nascar race by his teammate, so he didn't win. Poor Kyle :(

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