Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday we had a badmitton tournament. I cut up most of the maple tree. Also made two racks of ribs on the big cooker. Cooked them plain until about the last 45 minutes then brushed them twice with the last of the Bubba's I had. Came out very good. Oliver ate a lot. Watched some of the Indy 500 and some of the Monaco GP.
Monday was tent day. We set up some tents in preperation of relay. We bought the blue one at Dick's. It was a Coleman 6 person for $79.99 and seems easy to put up. Not super durable, but it will work for our purpose. The old yellow one from Lake Luzerne is still horrible to put up. Where is the red dome tent from? Has numerous holes from mice. Had Ted's for lunch and steaks for dinner Oliver again ate a lot.


Donnie said...

Oliver ate so much he couldn't be photographed?

Noah said...

He is standing next to the blue tent.