Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The ALMS Lime Rock Entry List, not the diasaster that I had originally feared. 9 Prototypes including the return of Van der Steur, 11 GT2 (they added the Panoz lite), 5 challenge cars. Plus Atlantics which is running in the mid teens. Cytosport adds a RS Spyder and of course the Corvettes at Mid Ohio.

July 4th is IRL at the Glen, I wanted to go Saturday only but you have to buy the whole weekend, I may call to see if you can get 1 day general admission at the gate. You can't buy a paddock pass either, which is no fun.

IndyCar is 50/50 Circle/Road-Street next year, meaning 1 oval gone and two road course(that aren't former CC tracks unfortunately) probably Brazil, and Barber. IRL needs to have the double header with ALMS at Road America and Cleveland, Mont Tremblant would be nice too. Maybe FOTA will take those tracks instead.

Paul Tracy on Twitter provides the best in race commentary available. Here are some highlights he posted during the IRL and Sears Point races.

If I was dixon I would punch hellio in the face

Sears Point:
I don't know why they consider boris a rc ace :-?

Pat carpentier is like a silent fart , u don't know where he came from but it's in the room :-)

If I was kurt I would punch jimmy j in the face , for that one

Jimmy says he is sorry , kurt should punch him in the throat , then say sorry

Boris again , how does he get a ride

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