Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day weekend started out wet at Albany-Saratoga speedway. Paul, Cyndy, Oliver and I went to see the races but gave up after we got drenched. Oliver got a nice new bike helmet courtesy of Martin, Harding and Mazzoti. We watched warm-ups and one Modified heat race before the rain. better luck next time.
Saturday Oliver had his last T-ball game and Cameron had her next to last dance class before the recital. Then We all went to Langan Porsche. Oliver and I went for a test drive in a '95 Porsche Carrera (325hp flat 6, 6 speed manual, 16,000 miles, silver with black leather interior, sunroof, 19" x 11" rear wheels 19" x 8" front). It was better than expected to drive. Completely different driving experience than the EVO.
Sunday we went to the Danbury RR Museum in Danbury, CT. It is and old New Haven railyard that has been converted. It also still has a live Metro-North line going past it. It was a nice place with a bunch of old trains. A few have been fixed up.

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