Monday, November 30, 2009

After a Brush Family Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn't be beat, Rachel and I went to Mendocino for a night and then down to visit Cory (Rachel's little brother) in Marin County. He recently got a job as manager of a goat dairy, where he now lives in a trailer, along with a border collie, 200 +/- does, 6 bucks, and another employee (not all in the trailer).

The kids just run amok because they can fit through small openings:

Milking time:

Rachel's friend, Liz, dropped in with Keeley and Oliver (Oliver is 12 weeks and didn't really wake up the whole time he was on the farm).

The dairy is a start up (it has been going for a couple years under the current owners) in a defunct cattle dairy. That means that the infrastructure is all really big for goats.

I had fun playing with the border collie.

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Radar said...

Yay! Goats!