Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyndy wanted to go to the new W hotel in Boston so we did. She got a scarf and free in room drinks. With Tequila Patron of course.

We couldn't go to Thai Kitchen because the chef/owner had a dental emergency on Saturday.

First Honda, then BMW, Toyota, and Bridgestone. Now Grand Prix Cafe has pulled out of F1.

Cusine from Afganistan moved a little further southeast to the Himalayas (I didn't look to see if they took down the picture of national geographic girl, which the one in Peter Harris Plaza does have). I checked a map the Himalayas don't extend into Afganistan though maybe the cusine does carry through the mountainous regions of India, China, Pakistan and Afganistan. But the name of the mount ranges do change.

We went to Tacos Lupita instead for some tortas instead of Thai Kitchen.

We had Chinese food for dinner in China Town. It was good but Cyndy was sad because they didn't serve Hon Sue Beef anymore. The women said the kitchen was just to small for them to keep serving it and suggested something else which was good. The had 22 people in the dining room which was a little crazy. The kitchen and dining room combined is smaller than our dining and living rooms.

Good Enough continue on to see Disney World.

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