Monday, July 05, 2010

Cheese #2, 30-minute mozzarella. This weekend, I upped the stakes on cheese making and chose to make one that uses rennet. Anything that requires aging is out, since I am not likely to see 55F for some time yet. The more complicated ("authentic") mozzarella recipe was also out since I don't have a way to test pH. The ingredients are simple: 1 gallon of milk (not ultra pasturized: it doesn't work), citric acid, rennet, and salt.

Cutting the curd:

Curds and whey: Look out for spiders!

Take the whey a form some balls with it:

These are then bathed in hot, salted whey, then kneaded in between dunks:

Does it feel like mozzarella yet?

All done! About 2 1/2 cups of mozzarella.

It would probably come out with better results with raw milk. To be really authentic, next time I should use raw water buffalo milk. Does anyone know of a milking water buffalo around?


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Radar said...

Can't wait for mozzarella this weekend! Don't eat it all before Friday! -Rachel