Friday, July 30, 2010

It has generally been an inactive fire season so far in northern California. After this past week there has been some new lightning fires in northeastern California with air support dispatched out of Redding.

These are 3 Grumman S-2T air tankers owned by the State of California and operated by contract. Two of these are departing with full loads of retardant and one (in the middle) is available for dispatch. The S-2s were first introduced in 1952 and were used for anti-submarine warfare until 1976. These are converted military veterans.

This is a Lockheed P-32V Neptune air tanker owned by Neptune Aviation Services returning to Redding. These were originally introduced to military in 1947 and served as land-based naval reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. This is also a converted military aircraft. It would be interesting to be assigned to lie in the nose and look for submarines.

I was told that #10 was in the process of having one of its radial piston engines replaced (no, they weren't using a hangar to do this).

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