Monday, March 12, 2012

Joel is back from Latin America so it must be time to make Sebring picks again. Cornelia was very adamant about Muscle Milk winning in P1 petrol, I don't know if it's because of SiPag or just milk.

Class Cyndy Paul Cornelia
Audi 1 (funny names) 3
Petrol P1 22 JRM HPD (brabham) 6 Muscle Milk HPD 6 Muscle Milk HPD
P2 37 Conquest (Snowball Express) 41 Zytek Nissan
GT/GTE AM 97 Aston Martin Vantage 5 AF Corse Ferrari F458
PC 18 (Matos) 52
GTC 023 Alex Job (Bell) 11 JDX

Spotter Guide Page 1
Spotter Guide Page 2

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