Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Sunday for my brother's family birthday we visited the farm where he works in Petaluma, CA. His roosters have been relocated there because the neighbors complained about the crowing (imagine!). The rooster Beth is holding joined their flock about a week after Philip's and my wedding last summer and was named Brownsey.
Brownsey with one of his favorite hens. Brownsey has the frizzle gene that makes the feathers stick out in a crazy way. Intimidating to other roosters? Who knows.



Dad said...

I thought the rooster was General Brownsey. Has he been demoted? Did Beth dress up to hold chickens?

JSmith5780 said...

I didn't know chickens could ahve the frizzle gene but not be a frizzle. Interesting tidbit for the day.

Anonymous said...

I think that what we need is a little more frizzle.

Radar said...

Maybe he did start out as General Brownsey...I can't remember. I wouldn't say he has been demoted though, he is definitely still the favorite rooster and gets extra special treatment! Beth dressed up for the birthday party. Holding chickens was a bonus.