Saturday, April 21, 2012

The weather is getting hotter (high of 88 today) and the chickens (now about 9 weeks old) spent most of the day lazing about.  In the evening, they became more active.  

Priscilla (formerly "Big Bird", but we had to change that due to copyright issues, and "Other One", but someone thought that would hurt her self esteem, never mind that eating roast chicken in her presence doesn't seem to effect her self esteem) made it onto the roof for the first time.

This raises some concern regarding the adequacy of the backyard fence to keep them in (and relatively safe).  I hesitate to clip their primary feathers because that would also hinder one of their defensive mechanisms. Bed head, the smallest one and slowest developer, completed the food web with the help of the neighbor's cat two weeks ago.

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