Friday, September 07, 2012

ALMS Grand-Am merger

My biggest worry about this merger is that Lime Rock will lose their races. During the press conference they mentioned about 12 races in the schedule. These are the races I think are on the future schedule.
1-Daytona 24
3-Road Atlanta
4-Long Beach
5-Laguna Seca
7-Watkins Glen
8-Mosport or Montreal
 That leaves about 5-6 more races to fill the schedule. There is still Sonoma, Road America, Mid-Ohio, Mosport or Montreal, NJMP, VIR, Homstead, Circuit of the Americas, and Lime Rock to fight for those last spots. I figure they will want at least one race in Canada. Figure Baltimore is done after next year for sure. Lime Rock's best hope is location to NYC.
With Grand Am running about 20-25 car counts and ALMS about 30-35 a combined series could possibly have 35-40 cars which would be a little crowded at Lime Rock.
How will it look when the "corvette" DP car gets beat by the Corvette GT car?

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Paul said...

They both race at Lime Rock now, so I would think a combined series would too. The issue is whether they will have a class structure I care to see. Homestead, NJMP are gone for sure. A lot also depends on the Indycar relationship with the new series. If NASCAR executes this new series well, they will be sanctioning the Indy 500 by the end of the decade.