Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yesterday we went to the Tehama County Fair. We saw the livestock (mostly beef cattle, not surprisingly), and other exhibits. The quilt exhibit was pretty small, but other textiles (crochet, clothing, costumes etc) were fairly large, and there were some really nice things. There was a kid's category of "food art" that I had never seen at a fair before. This is where you take vegetables and fruit and cut them into faces, animal shapes, and other not so obvious things.  
The tractor pull was the main event in the evening. It was my first tractor pull, and it was interesting. Lots of different categories. It was a beautiful night with warm weather and a full moon. Also, the wind was blowing away from the bleachers where we were sitting, so we didn't have to breath in all of the diesel exhaust from the "extreme diesel" competition.
This is one of the "extreme diesels." This guy looks like he is hitting his head on the steering wheel, but I think he is just shifting into reverse.
The sled for the mini tractor competition broke multiple times so the mini competition was cancelled. It was too bad because the minis were by far the most interesting to watch.

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