Tuesday, January 22, 2013

weekend trip to Peru

Costa Verde, Lima with Lourdes
Cala Restaurant in Chorillos, Lima
Pirate themed party in Playa Palabritas
Boulevard de Asia
Sunset with Isla Asia in the background
A friend of a friend of Lourdes is the Karting and Touring Car champion of Peru (also competed in World Challenge and Porsche Supercup in 2012) who was able to set me up with a track day on the new karting circuit at Autodromo La Chutana using a EVR Tony Kart chassis with a Yamaha KT100 engine, top speed of around 75 mph at this course
This Mustang was testing at the adjacent car circuit for the 6 Horas Peruanas being held at the facility next month

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Lourdes Carlos said...

We had a great weekend together. Miss you. Lourdes