Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Italy 2014

We are back from Italy, catching up on sleep and settling back into our routines. Overall it was an excellent trip with a lot packed in. Silas did very well. The flights went better than expected, but they were still tough, especially for the boy. If anyone asks, I can't in good conscious recommend to anyone that they go to Europe with an infant. However, looking back, I would do this trip again. We have been working on a lessons learned so if anyone ignores my advice not to travel to Europe with an infant and insists on doing so anyway feel free to ask about what went well, what didn't, and what to prepare for.

Note that we were using a new camera and didn't realize that the date stamp was on until we downloaded images at home.

Silas making faces in Parma:

Silas assessing parmigiano-reggiano cheese making operations:

Lots of cheese getting old. You see the end of each row that is about 40 feet long.

Walking practice with the stroller outside of the apartment in Venice:

Making sure clothes get clean:

Visiting friends in Feltre. The hay was windrowed while we were there. I am allergic to timothy grass in Italy, too.

Nap time, but only one kid seems to be sleeping:

Cicchietti at a bistro in Venice. Lots of cured meats. Silas likes cured meat, too.

Having a sit down before returning to the party:

Catholic wedding mass in Italian works for putting the boy to sleep:

Wedding reception at a villa in Treviso. Everyone had fun.

Relaxing in Lucca. We didn't take nearly as many pictures in Lucca (Rachel and I were tired):

Making important social arrangements in San Gimignano (the only day we saw rain

Saw this Lancia Fulvia in Imola (parked next to a Ford Sierra Cosworth):

Silas was tired, too. Luckily, he got first class treatment on the flight without even having to buy a ticket:

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