Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm thinking of cancelling my stillwater trip this weekend because the stillwater webcam looks poor, and the weather looks worse. It is expected to rain with temps in the 40s until friday night when it will turn into snow. Unless anyone has heard better. I blame the terrorists.


p.s. the Indonesian round of the A1GP has been postponed until February 13 because the Dubai Emir died according to A1GP. However, reports from Indonesia indicate that the race was postponed because,of lack of sponsorship. The Indonesian public blocked an attempt by the government to force private mining companies to pay for the race. The track itself was built entirely using government funds. I believe the reason for the postponement is because Two Dninjas T-Shirts are currently on backorder and the sale of these shirts are what bankroll the series. An extra month was given for the shirts to be sent to Indonesia, once production is complete. The Laguna Seca race has now been officially confirmed as well and the Brazil race officially cancelled.

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