Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well the holidays are over. We can all stop pretending to be nice to strangers again. The kids got another house full of toys.
There is about 4" of heavy wet snow here today but the temp is about 36 so it is compressing very quickly.
Pataki signed a new package of snowmobile laws for next year. Big changes are 55 mph speed limit. Children under 10 can only ride on property owned by their parents. Non-club memeber registration $100 per year. Fine for unregistered snowmobile $200.
The article says the registration all time high was 02-03 at 172,100. O3-04 was down to 158,500. I wonder what 06-07 will bring. I would have to guess down to 125,000 or less. Doesn't that mean there will be less money available to maintain trails?

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