Monday, January 23, 2006

Porter Square birthplace of the Porter House Steak. I'm going to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow. No news on Two Dninjas. I'm writing a paper on snowmobile suspensions. Cyndy has been to Tulsa. The canadians had a big election today. Wilson Pickett died on the 19th. Problem with the Spitzer shirts is that they are ugly. Villeneuve topped the speed charts testing in Barcelona alongside his teammate and two new Mclarens today. Nascar is trying very hard to create something even uglier than their GrandAm car. New Swift Atlantic car will make it's track debut in early Feb, with mass distribution of cars beginning in March. Marco Andretti says AGR will be in Champ Car in 2007. Jackie Stewart is stepping down from the BRDC this spring. Did anyone notice the cool Watkins Glen poster hanging on my mantle, it has a six wheeled Tyrell. Cyndy fought town hall and won a visitor parking pass, so if anyone wants to come visit, they can park easily and safely. The local community group has extorted $50,000 from Harvard to plant trees. They have a panel of 8 self declared 'tree lovers', many professors from Lesley's environmental department. Did I mention Porter Square (where I live), is the birthplace of Porterhouse Steak. Still haven't gone to Seoul Food.


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