Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A full two car field was on hand for Wheels Down Winter Testing in preparation for the 12 Hours of Sebring. Nelson Phillipe was behind the wheel of the Former Dyson MG Lola, while David Brabham took the wheel of the Aston Martin DBR9.

Phillipe and Brabham put down laps into the early evening.

Nelson Phillipe: "I was glad to have this opportunity to work with the Ex-Dyson team. They are a really professional group of guys and did a great job making me feel comfortable in the car. This will be my first endurance race and this evening I spent some time getting accustomed to racing in the dark. I'm very excited to race at Sebring this year."

This was the first outing for the new DBR9

David Brabham: "My main job today was to shake down this new chassis. Overall the test went really well, Prodrive and Scalextric build a really good car. The car has loads of mechanical grip which is really important since aerodynamics really don't play a major role on this scale. It's a great car to drive and it's very forgiving to the driver. "

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Joel said...

Something is fishy here... the gt car has white headlights and the prototype has yellow headlights, it should be the opposite. Overall a good update, I was wondering when the Prodrive Aston was going to confirm it's 2007 plans.