Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why does nascar have such long races? To sell more ads. The races would be better if they were only 50 laps or one pit stop length. Nothing happens in the middle 2-3 hours of a race. The veteran drivers even get mad if anybody tries to "race" them during the beginning or middle of the race. So what are all the extra laps for? I suppose it would be hard to sell a $200 ticket to a 2 hour event.
David Reutimann (Domino's Toyota #00) is best new driver we should all root for. He has not had his personality removed by nascar yet. He had a good run in nascar trucks for a couple of years and got his "big break" this year with Michael Waltrip racing. He is also son of dirt modified veteran Buzzie Reutimann #00. And the retro chrome wheels on the car are cool too. I think he will do well, at least better than AJ. Speaking of AJ. On Nascar.com You can buy Dale Earnhardt sr. and Ricky Bobby shirts but nothing for AJ. Red Bull racing.com doesn't have any yet either.
Fox showed very poor taste in showing the in car shot of Reutimann's crash this weekend. They did not know the severity of his injuries yet continued to reply the in car shot. He was obviously disoriented and in a bad situation, and on fire. He could have been dying live on TV or seriously injured. Dale Earnhardt's crash would not have been good to show from an in car. If they had one they probably would have. There is a director somewhere who should cut away till they know the driver's condition. ESPN replayed the in car shot on Sportscenter for two days as well.
Rolex Mexico this saturday YEAH!! Auberlen YEAH!!


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JSmith5780 said...

I didn't get to see much of the race, but did see the crash and AGREE the in car footage was not necessary.