Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday May 28th Lime Rock is having Rolex GT, Koni GT, and Speed GT all on the same day. $35 in advance. Seems like there will be a lot of good cars and drivers there that day. Mo-Hud regional races are Saturday May 19th at Lime Rock $10 in advance. Kate only wants me to go to one event this summer. I want to go to ALMS. I will have to talk her in the memorial day race.
Hannaford has a promotion going: Buy three specially marked Hannaford brand cereals and get a $5 Citgo gas card. I want Chris and Jonathan to organize the protest in front of Hannaford headquarters. Paul will give you suggestions for signs.
Fidel Castro says it is unethical for the USA to make fuel from food (corn). He wants us to stop using ethanol so there isn't a world food shortage.


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