Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The new Creation CA07 unveiled last night. Luckily, it's being run in LMES so we don't have to see it. It's there take on BMW's art cars, they call it the "Children of LeMans."

33 cars for Indy confirmed today with the addition of John Andretti at Panther and Roger Yawkasamatsuzaka. I can't imagine they would try any bumping because that would mean the exclusion of Milka Duno, assuming she dosn't trash her car again this week.

Cytosport won't make another try until about July at Mid Ohio. Autocon has it's new Creation. No word on when Velocity motorsports will put it's Lola (last years dyson) in a race. The Panozi are getting a larger air restrictor for this weekend. Enge will be back with PWL.

Grand Am split races at Laguna with only 19 DPs.

Expect Champ Car in England (Brands Hatch or Silverstone) in 2008 with another race in France or Germany. That means two European trips with two back to back races each, one about now the other in September. Still waiting on an official date for China this year. Expect Octoberish.

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