Friday, May 18, 2007

My pics for this week are as follows.
P1- #1 Audi
P2- #7 Porsche
GT2- #31 Ferrari

DP- #05 BMW Riley?
GT- #66 Porsche

Hopefully all the ALMS cars that are possibles for Lime Rock show up. It would make for a great field of cars.

Chris, I believe we have a hairy woodpecker in the yard. I read the description of the Downy and Hairy. It is larger than the ones we usually see.

Mom, If you want to get me something for my birthday I would like the Petersen field guide to birds or mammals. They would be fun for the kids.

For those people that are not local the Bowler's Club has closed. There is an Afgan resturaunt in Peter Harris plaza now. Used to be a pizza place. I'm guessing Baboo took some bad advice.



Paul said...

P1- #2 Audi
P2- 16 Dyson
GT2- #31 Ferrari

DP- Samax
GT- Natasi Mustang
Overall: Noah

I saw the Afghani place last time I drove by it. It used be Zeppy's run by the Iranians that burned down Arios's. I'm guessing the same Iranians run it, and decided to use the Cuisine from Afghanistan model for marketing purposes.

Very sad about the Bowlers Club.

The CET Porsche P2 cars for Lime Rock are very serious. Should be as good a field or better than Sebring.

CTB said...
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CTB said...

It’s probably a Hairy Woodpecker as you say. I still use the bird book from when I was a kid. We had a common flicker and pleated woodpecker (also common behind your house) here recently.

Bowling is popular still. Like the Bowlers Club, the 50's era candle pin bowling alley in Scarborough is going to close when the owner retires because the real estate is getting too valuable.

Jonathan's 9 am game was just cancelled for wet fields.