Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

We had a wonderful trip to California. The high point was going to Sacramento to meet Rachel's parents. It is a wonderful city and we had wonderful hosts. We also toured Frank Lloyd Wright's last building- the Marin County Civic Center. If you ever get stuck with a dreary government job these enchanting offices would make it bearable. We went to the Berkeley Bowl- in comparison, the P&C in Lowville is sad, very sad. Somehow forgot to take a picture of Cindy in a cell at Alcatraz. We stopped at an Aston Martin, Lotus, Ferrari, Bentley dealer in Silicon Valley. We went to a wine tasting at an old monestary in Los Gatos.

We had Pakistani and Burmese food, soup in a sourdough bread bowl, 3 great homecooked meals, a salmon BLT, and dinner at Chez Panisse. The picture of that last dinner that Peter put up was the starter, not the main dish. The dinner was awesome, the building was beautiful and we got a tour of the kitchen at the end of our meal. This is the restaurant that was in the news recently, for deciding they would no longer serve bottled water for environmental reasons. When you are seated they give you a choice of still or sparkling water served in a carafe. We had cured salmon with cucumber and beets, cassoulet with fava beans and peach leaf ice cream. all fresh and made on the premises.

Cindy seemed to have a good time- she found Peter and I very amusing.

Peter just caught a 12 inch bass.


JSmith5780 said...

How in the world could you forget a picture of Cindy in a cell? We siblings would have paid big money for you to leave her there ;)

I hope cindy was as adventurous with her meal tasting as she was with her wine tasting.

Donnie said...

Yes she tried everything and was a lot of fun to travel with.