Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jonathan: Champ Car at the other Portland, Sunday on ABC at 4pm. NASCAR was cancelled. Jan Heylan will be in for Matt Halliday at Conquest. Dominguez is out at Forsythe, replaced by everyone's favorite Catalonian with the best helmet in sports, Oriol Servia. Dominguez may show up very soon in a third RSports car, could be this weekend. Halliday expects to be in a second Conquest car towards the end of the season (probably Europe, Australia, Mexico, Phoenix, and ?China?).

Since I was at the brick house last weekend I wasn't able to go to Peace Day. I only found one photo By mistake I found out that Cambridge, UK has Dances of Universal Peace (with Ralph) on the third Thursday of each month and Peace Chants on the fourth Wednesday of each month (also with Ralph). Clearly, Cambridge MA has a lot of catching up to do. Coincidentally the caption to the photo above by the Peace Commission said "...hundreds of people formed a peace sign on the lawn..." which suggests there are at least two hundred people in that photo. I guess the went to the IRL school of attendance data.

This weekend Dragon Boat festival with Tim. Also, gay pride parade in Boston, will try to avoid that, but totally impossible. It tends to make the T rides that much stranger, and they've been strange recently.

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From Speed:

ARCA: Roush Fenway Signs Colin Braun to Development Deal

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