Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tim is here. First some overflow photos.

Cyndy on her way back from the bathroom after the last trip to camp.

Made it.

We went to the Harvard Natural History Museum (or some variation of that name). The museum was founded by Dr. Aggasiz. It had a ton of minerals on display. A whole bunch of glass plants and flowers that are way better than that ch-drooly guy. Some dinosaurs and lots of stuffed stuff. Though the stuffed animals are kind of hurting.

Grass made of glass.

Iris made of glass.

House centipedes(Cyndy's favorite) in a jar. She is very excited that the brick house is adequately infested with them.

Chunk of outer space. And Cyndy's exciting shirt.

A bunch of hummingbirds headed right for us.

A beast and some birds in the reflection.

Tomorrow Dragon Boats and a bunch of racing.

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