Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I stayed up saturday night and watched F1 qualifying. I would challenge anybody to say one good thing about Alonso after that. His actions were very unsportsmanlike. Although I don't see how F1 got involved with penalties. I think it should have been left to be handled within the team. McClaren-Mercedes should fire him. Especially if he threatens to go back to Renault next year anyway.
Lets just hope Robby Gordon will be able to run both races at the Glen next weekend. Both races should have plenty of sports car drivers again.
I read an article in Autoweek about Colin Braun. He said he considered Champ car or IRL. but every team he talked to wanted to know how much money HE was bringing to the deal. Jack Roush is paying him to drive. Just like AJ, Nascar is where the money is right now.



JSmith5780 said...

If you can believe it Mom and I are going to Saturday's race. She won tickets from Aflac. I am trying to convince Jeff to join us but he doesn't want to sit alone.

Paul said...

There is a line of qualified drivers with open wheel experience and no money who come way before Colin Braun. He would need a year in Atlantics or an equivalent(not IPS) before he could start looking for paying rides in IRL or Champ Car. His choice from the begining was to spend the rest of his life in Sportcars and win everything, which he would, or go after dollars in NASCAR, which we all assumed he would.

Just because Speed says Alonso is looking toward Renault doesn't make it true. Of course Flavio is going to say he is negotiating with Alonso, it further destabilizes Mclaren and damages Alonso's relationship with the team. Alonso stays at Mclaren. If anyone is moving it would be Hamilton to Ferrari and that is dependent on how big of a check Todt can scrounge up for him... It would have to be the largest contract for an athlete, ever.

A general note, the integrity of SpeedTV's journalism has been slipping recently. It used to be the place where you would go to verify the validity of other sources. Once they had it published you knew it was a done deal. That is definately not the case anymore.

Joel said...

I watched qualifying as well, the announcers only saw it at face value. And as usual, too busy making sarcastic comments, stupid noises, and talking about Raikkonen's partying habits. For qualifying sessions, F1 teams always decide which driver heads out on track first, how many laps, what time they come in for tires... since there is one pit stall they like to have a schedule. This week, McLaren scheduled to have Alonso qualifying ahead on the track from Hamilton. Hamilton didn't go by this and went out first and payed the price within the team for not listening. Then his fussing and attention to his in-team decision got the officials involved where they wouldn't have if he stayed quiet. As a result, Alonso and the whole team was penalized. If McLaren were to fire someone over this, it wouldn't be Alonso.