Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rachel saw the voting and assumed that it was for the quilt posted on August 3. We couldn't find any quilt posted on June 10, so I guess we are going to vote for August 3. We think it looks very nice, anyway.

I was up in the Sierras for the past couple weeks. I spent some time looking for the newly-described and very rare Yosemite bog orchid (Plantanthera yosemitensis). I only found this Plantanthera:

Plantanthera dilata var. leaucostachys

I also came across some sundew, a carnivorous plant that grows in wet meadows and bogs. Insects get stuck on the sticky glands and the plant produces an enzyme that digests the insect so that the plant can absorb the nutrients:

Drosera rotundifolia

Saw some cows:

But then they ran away:

I was out on some Southern California Edison land looking for wet meadows and found this:

Big Kitty.


Donnie said...

Thank you, Phil and Rachel- this sad orphan quilt appreciates your compliment.


Emily said...

Why orphan?

Donnie said...

Nobody ever wanted it- I decided ti finish it anyway.