Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cal made a valiant effort against UCLA yesterday. It was a serious defensive game with the score 36-25 at the half. In the second Cal came back strong and closed the gap. It was very exciting until about five minutes left when Cal lost all their energy and UCLA had a four-point play off of an intentional foul. Still, Cal kept pace in the second with 34-33 (UCLA-Cal) for the half. Not too bad of a showing for an unranked team playing a top ranked team with a large fan presence.


Donnie said...

I thought Rachel, as a UC Davis grad, didn't like Berkeley being referred to as "Cal"? Or am I confused?

Anonymous said...

In college sports, I will claim that Berkeley is generally the dominant UC school--and the best hope for winning--in northern California. Rachel might agree that those UCs in southern California may deserve qualification. Greater confusion with the nickname "Cal" may come from the distinction from the California State University system, often referred to as "Cal State..." or "CSU..."