Monday, January 28, 2008

Now that the inverted bathtub festival is over, it's time for the real racing season to begin. Wheels Down Winter Testing started today at Sebring. Times

Notable entries are TBA posting a time in a Porsche RS Spyder and the PTG Panoz in action with it's usual drivers.

Bell Motorsports announced that they will bring a GT1 Aston to play with the Corvettes. Cyndy's father heard second hand that Bobby Rahal's outfit will actually run the team here, though no name on the car.

White from the former PWL will be joining the Barwell Aston Martin GT2 effort.

Another F1 Reject for Rocketsports. A second car is expected there.

Franck Perera is also close to a deal (even though he didn't inherit the 2 million). Walker, Conquest or Forsyth

Newman Haas driver announcement is scheduled for tomorrow.


JSmith5780 said...

Question for you race people... we watched part of the race Saturday because Austin HAD to watch car racing. With all the different classes racing, is there only one winner or does each class have a winner??

Paul said...

Grand-Am has two different classes and each class has it's own championship and winner for each race. It's more prestigious to win the race overall but there is no tangible bonus for doing so. Sportscar races have little or no purse to begin with.

This past year the Penske Porsche P2 cars routinely beat the Audi R10 P1 cars even though the P2 class is supposed to be the lesser class compared to P1. However, Audi still claims the R10 has one every race.