Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here are some things to think about before the 24 starts on saturday. DP cars that have very good driver line ups (for the most part) that should be strong. SAMAX #2 and #11 both loaded with drivers, except the obvious one. Also the Alex Job #23, but we knew that already. I predict these three DP cars don't make it halfway. #03 Vision, #31 Matt Connely (lucky to get 6 hours) and #7 Sigalsport. I left my underdog favorite RVO off that list. One entry with an unsual pairing of drivers is the #61 AIM car, Colin Braun and Andrew Ranger. No love for Colin over at Krohn!

Now for the GT class. In the Synergy #81 Robert Doornbos, Speedsource #70 Raphael Matos. How many Champ Car driver in all Paul? 4-5? Robin Liddell and Randy Pobst in the #57 Stevensen GXP.R, No Porsches for those two? Also Max papis and Lawson Aschenbach in a #72 GXP.R. The following cars are the favorites in this class #64 and #67 for TRG great lineups and #86 and #87 for Farnbacher Loles. Those cars are going to be tough to beat especially the #86 and #87. I would usually include the #66 with Andy Lally but his co-drivers are not that strong. The following cars have no chance what-so-ever #31 Matt Connely (I see a theme there) and the #52 Mastercar Ferrari. The #31 car will cause at least two wrecks, one involving a top 10 DP.

I also predict that Speedtv will fill the air time with no less than 6 hours of NASCAR on FOX/Speedtv ads and 4 hours of PINKS ads.



Joel said...

For GT the #86 Farnbacher would be my pick, although the Speedsourse Mazda's should have the overall pace and are coming off a very strong 24 last year. For DP the #91 Riley/Stallings car could be an underdog with a chance, I'll be pulling for the #9 Dancing with the Stars backed DP.

Paul said...

I think Gainsco will be good as long as they don't hit a GT car on the first lap. I like the 6 MSR car too.

I like the 80 Synergy car with Jan Heylan.

The only Champ Car driver in the field is Graham Rahal. Everyone else is not confirmed.

My biggest hope is that we don't have to watch to many Helio interviews.